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 Myth:- Dental Treatment is very painful.
 Fact - No- Not any more. Advanced Dental Technologies and high quality anesthetic agents have render least amount of pain to the patient have made dental treatment safe and painless.
 Myth:-Bleaching is harmful for teeth.
Fact:-  Bleaching or tooth whitening may cause temporary sensitivity of teeth but sensitivity subsides within week. It gives you beautiful smile.
Myth:- Brushing teeth for longer time keep them clean.
Fact :-  Quality of brushing for example proper brushing technique is more important in maintaining oral hygiene. If you spend 2 minutes on your brushing with proper brushing technique that is sufficient.  Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day.
 Myth:-Teeth go back to their original shape after orthodontic treatment (braces).
Fact:-  After orthodontic treatment, retainers are required. Retainers can be removable ones or these days splinting (wire or fiber splinting) can be done.
Myth:- Grinding of teeth for bridge is harmful.
Fact:-  Grinding of teeth for bridge within limits as to create space for metal and ceramic. So it’s not harmful for health of adjacent teeth. 
Myth:- Removable dentures should be worn all the time.
Fact:-  Removable dentures should be removed during right, so that it gives rest to underlying tissues. Removable dentures should be properly cleaned before wearing.
Myth:-Dental Treatment should not be done during pregnancy.
Fact:-  Dental Treatments like scaling and filling are absolutely safe during pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes gum problems increase in some cases so scaling can be done. Treatment like extraction of teeth is safe during second trimester of pregnancy. However only limited medicines can be given during pregnancy. X-rays are absolutely contradicted in the case of pregnancy.
Myth:- Expensive tooth pastes are better than cheap one.
Fact:-  It is not true. Using expensive tooth paste does not mean that you will not get any dental problem or crises in your mouth. What matters the most is quality of brushing technique and not the quality of brush and the quality of tooth paste 
Myth:-  Using toothpicks after every meal is must.
Fact:-  This is not true. One should be very care careful white using the toothpicks because they can damage the gums & other soft tissue in your mouth. It is advisable use dental floss as they are more effective.
Myth:- Eating lot of candies, chocolate can caused tooth decay.
Fact:-  No, not at all. You can enjoy chocolate, candies and your favorite ice-cream daily. But you have to at least rinse your mouth every time you take them and follow proper brushing technique. The recommended time period for brushing is 2 minutes (twice daily).
Myth:- Is it always better to get your wisdom tooth extracted.
Fact:-  Do not get your wisdom teeth extracted unless until they have started giving you real trouble.
Myth:-There is no need to visit a dentist unless until there is no visible problem with your teeth.
Fact:-  You must visit your dentist at least once in six months  in whatever condition your teeth are. Sometimes Dentist can see a possible problem and it is always a better start treatment on the earliest stage.
Myth:-I must not brush my teeth if my gums blocked.
Fact:-  Bleeding gum is a sign to see your dentist, you can actually use soft / extra soft sensitive tooth brush for your teeth & massage your gum & teeth with alum.
Myth:-If tooth enamel is white, tooth is considered healthy.
Fact:-  This is absolutely not true, a tooth can look healthy & white but at the same time it can have cavities problem with its root or developmental abnormalities.
Myth:-There is no need in taking care about the teeth of my kids because they are going to fell out in some time.
Fact:-  This is a wrong perspective. If you do not take care of the milk teeth (deciduous teeth). They will fall out before time & cause problem with bite & proper development of your child permanent teeth.   Start educating your child to maintain good dental & oral hygiene in  early childhood. Now a days specially designed tooth, tooth paste & mouth wash are available at the leading medical store.
Myth:-Medication cares tooth ache.
Fact:-  Medication might temporarily relief tooth ache but does not cares tooth ache. Generally dental pain starts during the night when patient is in lying position. The only way to care tooth ache is to find the cause and treat that.