Dental Square Clinic

About Clinic

We at Dental Square devoted to restoring, enhancing, and maintaining the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, long lasting smiles.


We specialize in all modern dentistry methods to ensure the longevity of the teeth and the health of the gums. We use sophisticated, state of the art equipments to ensure that you get the best service at all times.


Our dental office provide all Dental treatments like single sitting Root Canal treatment, smile designing , Tooth Extractions, Teeth whitening, Cleanings and Fillings, Partials and complete Digital Dentures, oral and maxillofacial fractures, major and minor surgeries, orthodontic treatment including conventional metal braces, tooth colored ceramic braces, invisible lingual braces and clear aligners . We accept cash, credit cards and every type of digital payment


The caring staff at Dental Square makes us a true family dentist, where we will make you feel welcome and comfortable. We aim to provide you with the highest standards a dentist can provide, specifically designed to meet your individual needs.


We believe that taking the time to discuss dental procedures and treatment options will lead to a less stressful experience. By talking to you and discussing procedures step by step, we can offer the comfort that comes with knowing.


We use state of the art equipment such as intra-oral cameras, computerized digital radiography (x-rays) and dental microscopes. Our sterilization procedures are of the highest standard as demanded by the Indian Dental Association.


We also have the latest in Laser Technology used for both cosmetic dentistry and soft tissue oral surgery, to create a comfortable and fast healing procedure for you.


Dental Square has introduced a latest bleaching technique to treat teeth discoloration. “Unlike normal bleaching technique used elsewhere involving 6-8 sitting, once used, it would last for a period of two years.”




 People always ask us, “How long should this last?” In our clinic, we strive for perfection and satisfaction which is why we are happy to provide you a warranty on a variety of services, something few other clinic offer. Please take a moment to review the warranties we pride ourselves in offering to you.


Let us remember in today’s technology almost everything we have learned is on the preventive side. Instead of going to the dentist every few years for “Drill, Fill and Bill,” let’s try preventative dentistry. If you spend 4 minutes in the morning and 4 minutes in the evening brushing, flossing and doing any other special treatments your dentist have recommended and let your dentist professionally clean your teeth, check for decay, apply a fluoride treatment, or apply sealants, you can prevent most or all disease. This is why all our warranties will be null and void if we don’t see you for your regular 6-month check-ups. With 6 month check-ups, your teeth and gums are winners!